Friday, March 16, 2012


Went on a late 3 mile run tonight with my friend Ellie.  I had to break in my new running shoes, and I must say they feel great so far.  I had no problems with them and what a difference new shoes make when running.  I felt so much lighter when hitting the ground because of the great support from the shoes.  My old pair was kind of thinning out and I could really feel it as my foot struck the ground.  Definitely a wise investment today to get the shoes.  AND, they were only $40 from the Nike outlet store down in Cool Springs, TN.  I'll say that's a win.

We ran alongside 12th street tonight.  I really enjoyed the route.  It was a change from what I usually run. Usually I run the same routes on the same roads, but changing up your routes are very helpful when running.  I've learned that it keeps you excited about the run because it's new scenery or a new road.  You're not expecting when the next mile marker is because you don't know.  On my routes I usually do I know exactly where 1 mile is, and where 2 miles is at.  I make those checkpoints, but at the same time I know exactly how far I have to go to get there so it is more of a "wow I still have that much longer to go" than it is a "I wonder where the next mile is at."  It keeps me "on my toes" (ha) while running and makes me keep going.  So, change up your route every once in awhile.  It's a new adventure.

Also, I love running with people.  It makes the run a lot more enjoyable when you can talk with someone.  It is also a motivating factor.  If you ever want to run let me know!

10 miles this Saturday.  I'm ready.


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